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 Photo Restoration service

Do you have a precious photo needing restoration?

Do you have photos from days gone by that have faded? A family photo that has gotten a bit beaten up, scratched, and stained over the years? An old snapshot you would love to get enlarged? Some photos are just too precious to say goodbye to, so let us revive your best memories with our photo restoration service!
Our restoration experts can repair anything from discolouration, to creases and cracks, to mould and water damage. Bring an old memory to life with a restored Memory Block!

1. Send Your Photos

Once you have chosen your favourite photo to have restored, take a photo of it with your phone or scan it at a high resolution. Then simply submit your picture or email it to us at and leave the rest to us! Our restoration experts will analyse the damage to your photo, then give you a photo restoration proposal and quote based on your requirements. We will also recommend a suitable block shape and size for your restored photo to be printed on.

2. Leave It To Us 

Our restoration experts will work their magic! After you have given us the go-ahead, your photo will be brought back to its former glory! Folds and scratches repaired, fading corrected, missing pieces recreated and it can even be colourised! The process usually takes 5-7 business days, but we can rush through urgent jobs in 48 hours if required. 

3. Receive Your Photos Your restored

Once we have restored & edited your image, your photo will be delivered via email for your approval. If there’s something that you’d like changed, you can request a revision. We will then print the photo on to your Memory Block of choice and send it to you via post. 

What's the best way to scan my photos?

The process is quick and easy! You probably have access to everything you’ll need, right now, from the comfort of your own home. Here are videos with some tips and tricks on how to scan your old photographs only using free features and apps on your iPhone/android.

How much does it cost?

Our professional photo restoration pricing works on a quote-by-quote basis starting at $29.99. The final cost will be based on the amount of time the job is estimated to take. A damaged photo can be affected by: fading, sun damage, rips and fold lines or missing sections that need recreating. Feel free to email your photo to or use the above form in order to receive a free quote!