About us – Memory Block
About us – Memory Block
About us – Memory Block


About us

Like all the great companies of the 21st century, Memory Block started with a dream in a garage. We (Rony & Avi) worked together in the same company for more than 20 years. One day at the Spring of 2018, Avi's young son brought home a small pine wood block with his paper picture glued on it. Avi brought the picture to his office and when I (Rony)  walked into Avi's office, it immediately caught my eye. There was a problem with the block though, as it was beginning to peel off. We asked ourselves "how can we make this permanent? How we eternalize this wonderful memory?"
We both looked at it and at each other and said "why not printing directly on the wood?"
At that point our product was created.
All we had to do now was to find a way how to do it.
With long hours of learning about printers and wood, we finally purchased our first printer and built a small Workshop at Rony's garage. We started to cut, sand and paint all kinds of different wood and after 3 months the first Memory Block was created.
We soon moved out of that small garage, and began expanding our product line with different woods such as bamboo, Walnut, Basswood, etc. and different materials like stone, acrylic, and phone cases. 
We continue to improve and expand our line of products to this day.