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Cute Mother's Day Crafts for Kids That Truly Make Mom Feel Appreciated

Flowers are nice, chocolates are sweet, kind words are meaningful, and personalized gifts are always appreciated, but if you are looking to add a heartfelt craft to the gift you bought, check out the ideas here.

When springtime rolls around, it's time to get out the paint, glue, glitter, and construction paper and get to work on a DIY project for Mom (with some adult supervision, of course). These Mother's Day crafts for kids show her how much she's appreciated and let little artists flex their creative muscles at the same time.

From toddlers to teenagers, there are projects here for every level of crafting skill. Some are simple cards with a twist — a stamp here, a 3D element there — that make them totally unique. Others are artistic creations that are meant to be framed and displayed long after Mother's Day is over. Some are meant to be used. So, when Mom puts all these projects together after collecting them over the years, she can see how much her baby has grown.

Fingerprint Heart Keepsake    

This craft is perfect for a first Mother's Day since even the tiniest ones can do it (with a little help) and make art to save forever. The mini canvas (with easel!) makes it look like your baby's a pro already.


Flower Wreath

Felt, pom poms, and the secret ingredient — egg cartons! — are transformed into a beautiful wreath you can display all spring and summer long. Making the flowers and letting them dry, then gluing them to the wreath and adding the pom-pom centers is a multi-step process, so this is better for older (and more patient) crafters.

Thumbprint Planter

The petals on this planter are also made from a child's thumbprint. The end result is both pretty enough to display in the garden, and a meaningful snapshot of how small their little hands can be.

Felt Flower Bookmarks

If Mom is a reader, she'd love a sunny bookmark to help hold her place. The petals are made of felt and finished off with a button center, but the project requires no sewing.

I Love You Because of... Flowers

Part card, part craft, Mom will be extra touched to learn all the reasons why the family loves her so much. There may even be tears.

Teacup Card

With a little crafty ingenuity, an old egg carton becomes a card befitting any tea-drinking mom. Gift her some bags of her favorite brew to go with it.

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Upcycle all those old cupcake liners and loose buttons you have lying around the house into a garden that doesn't need to be watered and never wilts. This craft is super easy, even little ones can get creative with it.

DIY Bath Sachet

What mom really wants? A minute to relax. Help her out with these cute, DIY bath sachets (and a promise not to bother her when she's using them).