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5 Ways To Display Wedding Photos After The Big Day

One of the best moments after your wedding isn’t just heading off on your honeymoon. It’s getting your photos back from the best day of your lives!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most photographed events in your lifetime. So, once you’ve chosen the amazing photographer you want to spend 8 to 12 hours with on your big day, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to display your wedding photos.

There are traditional options such as a display on the wall or purchasing a photo album and then there are those options that are a bit quirkier and fun to include.

Whatever your house decor and preferences are, here are our favorite ways to display wedding photos in your home after the big day.


Photo Album

53% of couples will purchase a photo album from the wedding photographer that they’ve booked on their day. They can work with the same person to create a stunning timeline of what happened, with input from someone who was there on the day.

Whatever your choices with your photo album are, this is a great way to display the highest number of your wedding photos at once. A custom-made album, printed design or design with text around it are all great options for displaying the story of your wedding day.

Give your photo album a stunning cover to use as a coffee table or display centerpiece in your home. Your friends and family will love looking at it next time they come for a visit!



Wall Display

Another traditional option is to display a group of photos in a display on your walls. Popular options for wall display include separate wooden blocks set up in a pattern or symmetrical display.

Play around with different styling options to create something a bit more unique to your display.


Thank You Cards

What better way to share a few of your favorite wedding images with your nearest and dearest than by including them in your thank you cards? Have a single image or a collage designed into a postcard-sized thank you note that you can send out after the event. Not only does it get you to thank you cards out of the way, but your friends and family can display the photo in their own homes as well.

Don’t forget to keep one for yourselves so you can display it on the fridge!

Photo Clips String Lights Display

Photo clips display is popular for both weddings and in the home. This is a fun and more casual way to display your photos and could work perfectly in your bedroom or in a home office. This is also a great way to display photos that you want to switch out every now and then.


Special & Unique 

If you’re stuck on something to get your spouse for your first wedding anniversary, then this could be it. Be creative and see what you can come up with or let us do the hard work for you!